AP and IB modeled test questions

Students will be presented with a passage from the book and questions modeled after AP Language and Composition Tests, and IB Language A1 tests. The following are sample questions:


1. Which of the following best states the subject of this passage?
(A) The popularity of the blues
(B) An international appeal of the blues
(C) An historical chronology of the blues
(D) The universal humanity found in the blues
(E) The language of the blues

2. What rhetorical appeal does the author use in the first five lines?
(A) Ethos
(B) Pathos
(C) Logos
(D) Mimesis
(E) Hubris

3. In paragraph 3, what type of diction is found in the following words: “gig,” “cats,” and “swinging”?
(A) Scholarly
(B) Abstract
(C) Jargon
(D) Formal
(E) Denotative


1. Write a commentary on the passage analyzing the writer’s style. What persona is established and what literary techniques does the writer use to convey his or her message?

2. Write a commentary on the elements of rhetoric and prose found in the passage. What message is the writer presenting and what literary techniques does he use to present this message?